Leather Pea Coat – Why It Is Such A Great Coat

Schott_US-Peacoat_Leather_Black_1Leather mens pea coats have brought a requisite influence on society with the variety of designs for both female and male wearers. They also come in different colors that accentuate the taste of the female and male wearers. In the past the wool pea coats were mainly worn as a uniform by officers and chief petty officers and sailors in the American navies. However, in the past it was mainly made out of heavy wool. In the modern times the boys pea coats are now made with leather and have depicted new interest with the common society.


Majority of the leather pea coats whether for female or male clients have the following common features:

1. Aligned buttons, which are mostly at the front of the leather pea cots and do add a stylish look to the clients taste. One example is the Naval style pea coat leather jacket which has the U.S. military anchor buttons at the front giving it a unique frontal style of wearing a naval army uniform for casual purposes.

2. Leather material is used to make the leather pea cot jackets however the quality of the leather can vary. The higher the quality of leather is more expensive and more durable.

3. Wool is also used on the inside part of the leather pea coat to make sure that the coat is going to provide as much warmth as possible to the individual wearing it as it can be worn even in winter weather seasons.

4. Each new leather pea coat is brought into the retail market with new unique designs that enhances the clients’ interest towards purchasing these items every New Year.

5. At the interiors part of the leather pea coat the wool used in the coat is covered with a nylon quilted lining which keeps the wool in place and also helps to make sure that the wool does not spread on the clothes of the individuals using the coats.


1. The leather pea coats are designed to be long enough to reach mid thighs size for both women and men and some are even made to almost reach knee size providing sufficient warmth for your entire body.

2. Leather pea coats only use high quality leather that is impenetrable when using during wet rainy weathers and winter weathers. It is durable and can provide quality services to its users for more than a year unlike most low quality leather coats whose leather deteriorates due to weather changes and usability.

3. It is a great warm wear coat as it has a great layer of wool in the leather pea coat to keep the individual users to keep warm especially in the winter seasons.

4. Great leather pea coats are now being designed uniquely to embrace an authentic style in which the clients can enjoy walking in the wet and winter seasons with preferential taste.

Final word

Coats made with only wool may be thick enough to keep warm however, during winter they will absorb the wetness of the environment and cool off from warming up the individual. Therefore, the leather pea coats do not have this problem as the leather does not absorb the wet weather drops and is sure to keep the wearer warm enough throughout.

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